All You Knead is Love is published today

ACS_0816Happy Thursday!  It is a particularly happy Thursday for me, despite the grim weather, because the first part of my new series – The Cornish Cream Tea Summer – is out today. It’s called All You Knead is Love, and it has a beautiful, summery cover, which should help take away some of the February gloom.

It has got some new characters and some you might recognise from The Cornish Cream Tea Bus, and is set in and around the Cornish village of Porthgolow.  Here’s the blurb:

Everyone’s favourite bus goes on a summer adventure full of sunshine and the promise of romance…

Charlie has a new helper on her bus, her free-spirited and loveable cousin, Delilah, who’s paid a visit to the charming Cornish village of Porthgolow and is helping out on Charlie’s adorable cream tea bus.

When the Director of a new TV series filming further along the coast tells Delilah that the bus would be the perfect addition to their onsite catering, she takes him a bit too literally, and before long she and the bus have taken a rather unexpected journey…

Part 1 jacketIt’s out today for 99p at all good ebook shops, and the second part, Beauty and the Yeast (the great titles just keep coming) is out on the 19th March, so you don’t have too long to wait between instalments.

I really hope you enjoy this, the first part of the second book in The Cornish Cream Tea series, and if you do read it, then I’d love to know what you think!

Happy reading,

Cress. xxx

3 thoughts on “All You Knead is Love is published today

  1. I have read all your Cornish Cream Tea books on my kindle. In one of them you had a wonderful recipe for scones. I have tried so many recipes over the years but never got really light scones until I tried your recipe. However, I now can’t find it on my kindle, and stupidly didn’t take a copy. Please can you send me the recipe so that I can continue to bake these delicious, light scones?
    By the way, I really love your books! They are so enjoyable.]
    Kind regards, Glo

    1. Hi Glo, thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m so glad that you enjoy my books! I don’t remember there being a scone recipe in The Cornish Cream Tea Bus, but I did have one in the back of The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse – have you read that one? That might be it.
      Very best wishes
      Cressy x

  2. please can you reply soon with the scone recipe as during lockdown these scones were our much looked forward to afternoon treat.

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