Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and have already got things to look forward to in 2020.  I love new year, the chance to reset and refresh, and I often make a list of things I want to accomplish, new habits I want to make or break.  One of those is being more consistent with my news and blog page on here, so here is my first post of 2020!  Fingers crossed the next one won’t be in July. 😂

Book-wise, I’ve just finished edits on The Cornish Cream Tea Summer, which is coming out in 4 ebook parts from the end of Feb, with the paperback on the 14 May.  I have loved writing this book, I love my heroine and my hero, and I really hope you do too!  You can pre-order it from all the usual places, and check out the blurb and the covers here.

Also, just to mention that the full ebook of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus is currently 99p in the Amazon Kindle sale, so if you don’t have it, or have the paperback and want to add the ebook to your Kindle (I do this a lot with books I love) then now’s the time to snap it up!

I’m officially back at my desk on Monday, and I’m going to be starting work on a new book which I’m really excited about!  I can’t wait to share details with you all soon – I’m itching to!  Argh!

Other than that my plans for 2020 are to be healthier and look after myself more, to be kinder to myself and to spend time doing things I love.  I’m going to try and be more confident, visit lots of new places, and generally make the most out of life.  It’s so easy to get stuck doing the same thing over and over, and this year I want to do new things!

North Norfolk – I want to continue our trend of getting out and about a lot more in 2020

I am also, unsurprisingly, going to try and read more.  There are so many books I want to read, my TBR pile is seriously out of control – and yet I always seem to be adding to it – and reading is one of the things I love doing the most.

The books I have been gifted, sent or lent over Christmas. I also bought more with Amazon vouchers!

One of my blog posts wouldn’t be complete without a book recommendation, and my latest book-series obsession is the Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey.  I am pretty behind with this – there are eight books in the series so far, (the latest one, Cruel Acts, won the 2019 Irish Independent Crime Fiction Book of the Year), plus a couple of short stories, and another novel coming out in April.  I started book four last night, and had to force myself to put it down at about 12.30 am.

The crimes are twisty and compelling – and also very dark – and the characters are wonderful.  I am overjoyed I have so many in the series to read, and would highly, highly recommend them if you’re in a reading slump or want a crime series to get your teeth into.  Of course, you might well have read them all already.  If you have, then please comment below or message me to tell me what you think about DI Josh Derwent – he is my new fictional hero crush (♥️) though quite possibly a controversial one!

The first book in the series is called The Burning.  Go on, treat yourself. 

Anyway.  Books, huh?  Who’d be without them? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Happy New Year to you all, and happy reading.

Cressy xx


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