The Eclair Affair is published today


Where have the last two weeks gone? I have no idea, but part 2 of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus is here! It’s called The Eclair Affair, and continues the story of Charlie, her vintage Routemaster bus Gertie, and the picturesque Cornish village of Porthgolow.

If you’ve enjoyed part 1, then I hope you’ve been looking forward to the second leg of Charlie’s journey. Here is the blurb:

Charlie’s unveils her signature bake…

Charlie and Marmite finally arrive in the picture-postcard Cornish village of Porthgolow in thier vintage Routemaster bus. Not everything is as it seems and Charlie’s friend, Juliette, tells her about the owner of the big hotel up on the hill who has managed to upset the locals.

That doesn’t stop Charlie and Marmite making new friends and the bus finds a new lease of life as the perfect mobile café for afternoon tea. But what will Charlie make of the enigmatic Daniel Harper when they meet, and more to the point, what will he think about Charlie and her bus parked outside his lovely hotel?

It’s available from all good ebook retailers for 99p, and if you gobble it down as quickly as a Cornish cream tea, then you’ve only got to wait two weeks for part three! As always, if you do read it then I’d love to know what you think, so please get in touch via my contact form on here, or on all the usual social media channels.

Happy Thursday, and happy reading!

Cressy xx

2 thoughts on “The Eclair Affair is published today

  1. Please what is the title of the very last book in the last series of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus? Amazing series of books but just need to find the final book . Thank you

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