Twilight Song is here

Today is publication day for the third part of The House of Birds and Butterflies.  (I’m a little bit disappointed that Avengers: Infinity War chose today to come out too, somewhat stealing my thunder . . .)  Anyway, part three is called Twilight Song and has the most beautiful purple, twilightish cover.  If you’ve enjoyed The Dawn Chorus and The Lovebirds then hopefully you’re waiting eagerly to find out what happens next to Abby, and fingers crossed Twilight Song doesn’t disappoint.  Here’s the blurb:

IMG_1242Spring is blooming at Meadowsweet nature reserve.  Although the sunshine is drawing in the visitors like never before, events co-ordinator Abby knows she’s treading on thin ice. She’s spending more and more time with village newcomer Jack, and she’ll need to make a real success of the springtime camping extravaganza at the reserve if she’s to keep her disgruntled boss off her back.

Abby hasn’t thrown too many questions at Jack about his shadowy past – she’s enjoying the budding romance, so why break the spell?  But when the secrets start spilling out and a glamorous blonde presenter from the nature show, Wild Wonders, turns Jack’s head, Abby knows it’s time to face the music…

As this is part three, and it possibly ends on a little bit of a cliffhanger, I wanted to reassure you that Birds of a Feather, the final part, is only a few weeks away, published on the 18th of May!

If you do read it then I’d love to know what you think via any of my social media channels or my contact page, and here is my customary request that if you can spare a few minutes to put a review on Amazon, then I would love you forever.  It makes a huge difference, both to other readers, and also to the book’s visibility, and I am grateful for every one.  Thank you!

Happy reading,

Cressy xx

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