Do Not Disturb is published today

Today is the release day for part 3 of my current series, The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse.  It’s called Do Not Disturb, and it’s the penultimate part of Robin’s story. Here’s the blurb:

image003Robin is devastated that a rift has come between her and her neighbour Will. To add to her anxiety, the other residents of Campion Bay are relying on Robin to halt a property developer’s assault on the Bay’s unique charm.  But Robin needs Will’s help to stop them − perhaps it’s time to reveal why she really came home to Campion Bay.

In between finding the perfect English breakfast tea for her guests and checking her reviews on Tripadvisor, Robin decides that only the personal touch can bring Will around.

Could Lorna, the quiet and enigmatic new guest offer a solution, or will Tim, her single-minded ex, make sure that it’s he − and not Will − who gets the five-star treatment…

If you want to start at the beginning, parts 1 and 2 are Open for Business and Fully Booked. It’s not that long until the final part, Wish you were here, is published, and that will be followed by a paperback and ebook containing all four instalments.

Check back next week when I’ll be doing a cover reveal for the paperback of The Once in a Blue Moon Guesthouse – it’s a proper stunner!

I’d love to know what you think of Do Not Disturb, or if you want to get in touch for any other reason then you can visit the contact page.

Happy reading!

Cress x

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